Mon 06 February 2017 Mon 06 February 2017

StrongVPN is a high profile and popular VPN provider. Though it has reasonable privacy-policy but this actually unimpressive with its attitude towards privacy. It is known to be aggressive towards file sharers. As per StrongVPN review technical security lacks transparency and service is also expensive that other providers. Most basic VPN package costs $7/month and is only PPTP. PPTP is not secure se there are doubts about its security level provided to the members.  As is the case with the basic VPN package what would be the results if long duration package also result in security concerns? This is a matter of consideration. For those who want to access geo restricted content, PPTP is fairly ok. Among all protocols Open VPN by StrongVPN is providing meaningful privacy levels. 

Deluxe option of Open VPN is the cheapest plan that costs $20 per month. This plan allows users to access to the servers outside United Stated.  When compared with other providers and revealed by StrongVPN review this is the monthly payable amount for top-level VPN packages. There are special plans for VPN but with minimal savings for example $5/year for the Premium Open VPN. There is three month`s minimum on all of the VPN packages it offers, which means that users have to pay hefty $60 up front for using cheapest service. Plus point among expensive drawbacks is 7-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is helpful because members can try-out services before they commit to lengthy period covered under the plan.

According to StrongVPN review pricing plan is also complex and involves extra charges for out of plan switches. ultrasurf online This feature lags it behind because other providers allow unlimited switching between servers. IP addresses for PPTP are dynamic whereas that of Open VPN are static. This is bothersome for users.  DNS package which costs $5 per month is better than PPTP if you are interested only in accessing geo restricted contents. This DNS packages is available at a discount of 20% for VPN-users.  According to StrongVPN review it also offers direct sales of configured and pre-flashed DD-WRT routers. This router is great because it allows connection of every internet-enabled device to a single VPN connection. For configuration and flashing it requires additional payments. Another surprising limitation is that of ability to connect only one device at a time.

StrongVPN has plus point of having mirror sites and there are positive views about its availability from China. Website of StrongVPN with its creative images and smart graphics looks professional. Navigation is easy and so is finding information about VPN. Information is available in different languages which again reflect professionalism and international flair. Its privacy policy is robust and says no logs are kept. As per StrongVPN review it keeps no logs but keeps record of time, location & date, duration of VPN connection and bandwidth usage. Technical security issues are somewhat confusing because different servers are found to be using encryption for 128 bit blowfish to 256 bit AES. Due to lack of justification for this fact, it is doubtful.  Sign-up process although simple, requires detailed personal information. As a whole this VPN is satisfactory not a great one.