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At least Markus just gained an admirer 

  Whow, you must have a lot of knowledge about historical clothing. Did you make the dresses yourself? The pictures show nicely how dress and corset together makes the 'looks' of the Edwardian era. It makes me curious how an S-bend corset would feel like.

Hey, thank you! I might know a bit here and there about historical clothing (especially Edwardian styles), but I am unfortunately too busy/lazy and not confident enough that I could make something I would actually like to wear to get into making my own clothing. I suppose I really ought to give it a try one day. The outfit is rather peculiar as the blouse is amusingly enough a very recent random find from a main-stream clothing chain in the UK, despite its almost eerily authentic look! The skirt is a reproduction from an original pattern somebody made for me.

What does it feel like to wear an s-bend corset? Rather different than a normal corset, although the degree does vary with the design. It obviously messes with your posture (and balance) more than other corsets and the pressure the corset exerts tends not to be as evenly distributed as in more conventional corsets. I don't find them especially uncomfortable, but I certainly find it harder to forget that I am wearing a corset while wearing them than I do with other corset styles. Doing the whole Edwardian package with floor-sweeping slightly trained skirts, stiffened high collars, massively top-heavy hairdos and voluminous hats together is certainly not the most easy-going outfit to wear though. The accumulation of many little soft restrictions to your movements does take a lot of getting used to and can be rather straining, especially mentally.

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The "one person who was consistently producing tightlacing-quality true Edwardian S-bends" is likely l'Escarpolette. Do  you have any suggestion about the persons to contact about an S-bend corset besides l'Escarpolette. I would like to conduct an experiment in this regard.

Yes, I meant Creations l'Escarpolette. Unfortunately the success of Joyce's corsets didn't seem to really galvanize any new talents to boldly follow in her Edwardian footsteps (*), so at the moment the options are pretty much as they were before her arrival on the scene, i.e. rather limited.

In the more period correct corner you have Lace Embrace  and Lovesick Corrective Apparel . Both of these businesses have been running for a long time, have a good reputation and the samples of custom S-bend styles they have (or had) on their sites looked quite convincing and period-correct in their shape. I have not dealt with any of them myself, but have seen corsets (although not S-bend ones) in person by both suppliers and the quality was very good. Unfortunately as far as I know both are usually really, really busy.

In the modern adaptation corner you have The Ardent Collection  and Doris Müller's Corsets&More. I haven't personally seen any of their work, but they both seem to be very competent and I've heard good things about the quality of their work.

BTW: Your Waistcoat corset made by Jeroen van der Klis is truly exquisite!

*) They are one or two people whose endeavours in this direction I watch with some interest, but I think that they are not quite there yet.