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How To Transform Your Copy from "Ho-Hum" to "WOW!" in Just Minutes!

As simple as it may sound, smile and your writing can quickly and easily go from a boring diatribe that drones on and on to copy that's exciting to read, has emotional juice and most importantly, makes the sale!

Not too long ago, I met a person who was working on a sales letter, but just couldn't seem to figure out why it wasn't coming out the way she had expected. I had her show me what she had written. It was dry. In fact, it was so dry, I almost fell asleep reading it! That's not a good sign because you can't sell if your prospect won't even read what you have to say!

Let me ask you a question. When you speak on the telephone and you're in a somber, indifferent kind of mood, what do you sound like? I'll bet you don't sound excited! So would it make sense then that if you were to sit down and write copy in a less than excited mood, your copy might not be too exciting?

While it's true that writing copy and speaking on the phone are different forms of communication, the fact remains that either one is equally affected by your state of mind at the moment you are either speaking or writing copy.

If I could just give you one tool that will help you sell more products or services, it's writing exciting copy. As a person who writes a ton of copy for direct mail, I know that excitement plays a major role in motivating my prospects to respond to my offers, so I make certain that my letters are full of passion and emotion!

Now that you know what to do, let me tell you how to do it. What excites you? I mean what really excites you? Is it a favorite song? Is it dancing? How about a combination of dancing and singing? How about pretending you were a super rock star on stage in front of thousands of raving fans? Find whatever it is that really juices you and use it to get you up and going now!

You see, it may all sound a little odd, but in order to be able to write with passion, you've got to first feel that passion in your body! To do that, you've got to get up out of your chair, get excited and create all kinds of energy in your body.

Try it now yes, you can do it. Close the door to your office. Flip on the radio to your favorite station, or pop in your favorite cassette. Now crank it up, get up and dance and sing as if you were on stage in front of thousands of raving fans! How would you dance? What gestures would you use? Would you make noises? Do whatever you'd do on that stage, but enjoy it and take it to a level you've never been to before!

Now, sit back at your computer or typewriter (you still use a typewriter?). But don't sit down and slump back into your seat!! Sit up straight. Sit on the edge of your seat! Just as you would if you were intensely involved in a great thriller of a movie because your copy is just that, a thriller!

Now, picture yourself staring straight at your prospect. What would you say to them? How would you say it? Would you be passive or would you be excited about your product? Begin typing this stuff as fast as you can with tons of energy, passion, and emotion!

Don't stop typing until you have completely exhausted your stream of consciousness thinking! And I mean completely! Don't stop for at least 15 minutes!! Even when you hit a point where you don't know what else to say, pretend you do and keep going!! This is so important because your best material comes out AFTER you have exhausted what you at first may have thought was your best stuff!!

Now, take a deep breath. Sit back and print out what you have just typed. Grab that hard copy (never try reading from your computer screen, you'll miss hundreds of mistakes!). Stand up and read your copy OUT LOUD! That's right, read it out loud as if you were delivering a speech!

You did want to know how to write "WOW!" copy didn't you? Review and correct your copy until it reads as smooth as speaking. You've just done it. You've created copy that has emotion, passion, and most of all excitement!

Try this technique with all your marketing copy. I use if for sales letters, display ads, radio ads, television scripts, and just about anything else that I find myself writing including this article!

It may sound a little odd, but trust me this technique immediately improved my copy tenfold the first time I used it! And I guarantee that you can never write boring copy if you are in a peak state! So get up and dance your way to better copy now! It also doesnt hurt to check out the other people's work port macquarie and how they put their unique flair to it!