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In its short life, Facebook has risen to be one of the top websites online. influencer marketing agency It has over 500 million users who spend 700 billion minutes on the site every month, proving it is worth spending time on the site engaging its members. In this article, I wanted to expand on ways you can use your Facebook fan page to attract customers.

What is a Facebook Fan Page? A Facebook fan page is a mini website within the larger social networking site. It is a page you create about a specific topic; in this case, your business. The purpose of a fan page is to share information about your business as well as provide a place to connect with your customers.

The biggest benefit to creating a Facebook fan page is that you will be developing a group of targeted buyers who are deeply interested in what you are selling. People think they need to go after everyone in the world in order to build a successful business. That’s not true. All you need are the people who are interested in your category of products and services. A Facebook fan page can help you attract them to you.

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page for Success Although the purpose of a Facebook fan page is to promote your business, you have to put the needs of your users first if you want to attract customers. Everyone listens to the same radio station, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?), and are unlikely to be interested in your business if all you talk about is you.

Therefore, you want to create a Facebook fan page that gives people a reason to visit it and recommend it to others in their social network. The best way to go about this is to provide things of value to your target market.

For example, I talk a lot about owning a business and building a brand on this blog. People find the information I provide here valuable because it helps them improve their business. Your Facebook fan page should help your customers improve themselves or their lives in some tangible way.

To setup your Facebook fan page, go to the home page of Facebook and click on the link labeled Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business. You’ll want to create an official page.

Take time to think of a good name for your page because you will not be able to change it later. The title of your page should include relevant keywords to make it search engine friendly. If your page is about building a home business, then home business should be in the title if you can fit it in.

Note: Facebook will assign you an ugly URL for your page. When you get over 25 people who Like your page, you will be able to customize the link. But again, this is permanent and you will not be able to change it once set. Choose wisely. Use your page to update customers on upcoming sales. You can even provide online coupons they can redeem when they make a purchase.

Add relevant videos that entertain or educate your customers. A business owner I know owns a shopping mall and posts videos on how to save money using her online shopping website. Not only do her customers keep more cash in their pockets but she generates traffic for her internet mall.

Use the discussion board feature to provide a place where visitors can get help as well as share their own tips with others. People love to socialize and providing a place where they can do that will get customers returning to your Facebook fan page again and again. If you are a service business, create a tab on your fan page that lists the services you offer. Your Facebook fan page may be the first time a customer comes into contact with you. Rather than force them to click to your website, tell them how you can help them right on Facebook.

Use contests and giveaways to attract people to your page. People love getting free stuff especially if it is useful to them. Offer them a chance to get a free EBook or product in exchange for Liking your page and recommending it to others. This is a great way to increase your fan page’s visibility. Post useful articles and links to relevant information of interest to your target market. Endeavor to make your page a resource where people can come and get the latest information about what is happening in your niche.

Useful Facebook Fan Page Applications Here is a listing of Facebook fan page applications you can use to enhance your page. YouTube Box- This application makes it easy to post videos from YouTube onto your page.” Twitter for Facebook- If you are also on Twitter, you can send your tweets to your Facebook fan page using this application. Just be careful to avoid double posting to your page.

Welcome Tab Pages – You can create a welcome page for new visitors to your fan page. Since you can add text, pictures, and video, this is a great way to introduce yourself to your new fans.

Promotions- This application by Wildfire Interactive allows you to create and promote contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and giveaways on Facebook. Constant Contact or Mailchimp- Use either of these applications to build your mailing list. Use in conjunction with a newsletter or free EBook giveaway to maximize the number of people who sign up. Involver – This application allows you to create 2 more pages on your Facebook fan page. For example, one for your Twitter and one for YouTube videos. These are free.

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